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Life on a Small Farm on Salt Spring Island

Brian Brett is an noted Canadian poet and author. His latest book Trauma Farm is both a memoir and a treatise on small mixed farming operations. Brett has lived for 18 years on a small farm on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, that he and his wife Sharon rescued from disrepair. Trauma Farm the book, is those eighteen years presented as a day's journey in the life of the farm and it's residents. The official name of the farm is Willow Pond Farm, but "we came to refer to this land as Trauma Farm, because we soon realized beauty also demands a little terror and laughter and that this story would have to follow the form of the farm and not the romantic or scientific myths we inflict upon it." Brett's day begins with a middle of the night walk on his land. His words convey the peace of the dark, the uncertainty of what might be out there, and the joy of simply being there. The day progresses through to breakfast, with a marvellous discourse on the simple egg. The rest of the day includes gardens, livestock, natural habitats, creatures, climate and so much more. The trials, tribulations and gratification. Brett has chosen to embrace the small mixed farm and it's lifestyle. He questions the large agribusiness and the effect they have on our earth and ourselves. It's not preachy in any sense, but a riveting argument for the return to self sufficient farming. His ruminations are beautiful, a calm yet funny discourse on life and farming from a man who appreciates the subtleties that escape many of us. This is not a book to be consumed rapidly, rather it should be slowly savoured and each chapter enjoyed before proceeding. Trauma Farm is a touching, humourous, candid, inspiring memoir of a man who has found symbiosis with his environment.