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A World Without Bees

I just watched a terrific program on Nature, about colony collapse disorder.  What's CCD?  It's a condition where bee colonies have been dying off, recently at alarming rates.   Scientists and researchers are working around the clock to find an answer and cure, because without bees, the human race is doomed.  Most of the fruit and plants we eat today are pollinated by honey bees.  Without bees, there would be no plants, without plants, no food.  Sounds dire?  It is.

There are lots of theories as to why this is now occurring, many of which have yet to be scientifically proven.  These include:  the stress of shipping bees over long distances, poor nutrition from plants, genetically modified crops which include engineered pesticides, mite and virus infestations, some even point to cell phone radiation.   Many experts now say that it's more likely a combination of factors, rather than a single one.

For more information, check out these titles:

A Spring Without Bees : how colony collapse disorder has endangered our food supply / Michael Schacker

Fruitless Fall / Rowan Jacobsen