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Be yourself - stand out

There are many things a person needs to take into consideration when applying for a job. Being unique and standing out the from  the rest is an excellent way to bring your resume to the top of the pile.

As you have been told a million times, "you are unique." Well, this "unique factor" could give you an edge and help you find a job. It could be your ability to complete physically demanding jobs, knowning a different language, previous experience working for a certain big company, volunteering experience, playing sports, being a computer nerd, etc. The list goes on...

Most of the information that potential employers get about you comes from what you have [or have not] included on your resume and cover letter. Make sure that you have highlighted your unique skills/experience on your resume and cover letter so potential employers can know the real you.

Many people might apply for the same job as yourself - so, stand out.