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Filthy Lucre: economics for people who hate capitalism

What are the two laws of economics?  Fear and greed, say some. But on CBC Radio's "Sunday Edition", U of T philosopher Joseph Heath tells host Michael Enright the real driving force in economics is rationality. 

In Filthy Lucre: economics for people who hate capitalism, Heath employs a logician’s ruthlessness, but, says Quill & Quire "underneath are flashes of anger that so many experts on both ends of the political spectrum espouse flawed ideas." Intrigued?  Q&Q continues: "If Heath is right, we’ll be living with capitalism for a very long time. It might be nice to know how to fix it the next time it breaks down."

To put a hold on Joseph Heath's new book, click here.
To listen to his interview on CBC Radio One's "Sunday Edition", click here.