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How to find that next good book, or what do I read next!

One of the most frustrating things for me is not having a book to read. I don’t want just any book, but a good book! So, how do I find my next good book?

I love the topical newsletters that arrive regularly in my email in box. I have a wide range of reading interests--Mystery, Thriller, Travel, Popular Culture, Fiction—so I subscribe to the newsletters I like. I set them aside for when I have time to read the book summaries and then I either place holds for what I want or add the titles to one of my to read later lists in my library account.

On certain topics, or for certain authors, I have set up an alert on my library account—then I am notified when a new title by that author or on that topic arrives. I am always surprised with something new!

My favourite thing is Novelist Plus. This is a fabulous way to find fiction or non-fiction titles that match my interests and my reading tastes. I could be looking for author read-alikes , memoirs, or trying to find something new on a topic I like to read in. I have been reading a lot of narrative non-fiction about Paris and I want to read more. In Novelist Plus I was able to search for non-fiction books on the subject of Paris and come up with a list of titles from which I could choose my next read.

Give Novelist Plus a try. It is a great way to discover new books to read. Our library staff are able to help in person or by telephone if you have any difficulties exploring this wonderful resource.