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CITY OF WORDS: Toronto Through Her Writers' Eyes

book cover imageHow does a city such as Toronto feed the creative energies of its writers?  What are the locations, moments, and experiences that have caught the writer's fancy and then been reflected in the literature they create?  In City of Words: Toronto Through Her Writers' Eyes, you will encounter the imagined city of Toronto, taste, smell and feel its vibrant communities and its landscape. 

Here is an opportunity to dip into excerpts from stories, essays and articles by a wide range of writers: Lawrence Hill and Dionne Brand introduce you to parts of the Annex; Margaret Atwood, Helen Humphreys and Hugh Garner dip into the Islands and Waterfront;  Wayne Johnson and Timothy Findley set stories in Rosedale, a striking contrast to Irving Layton, Barry Callaghan and Judy Fong Bates' reflections of the colourful Kensington Market and Chinatown areas.

This book is a delight to read with its mix of illustrations and text, giving a lively overview of the rich literary landscape of Toronto.