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Hot Summer Reading

Book jacketWell, summer time is upon us. Hooray! This is a wonderful time of year to read (when isn't it though!), and because so many of you are lucky enough to have vacation time during the summer months we don't  want you to forget to check out what's good at your library. Here is a 'cool' summer read to start you off:


Ice Trap: A Novel of Suspense

Attempting to flee the psychological repercussions of a terrible surgical mistake, surgeon Dafydd Woodruff left Wales for the farthest-away place he could imagine--Moose Creek, Canada, near the Arctic Circle. For one year he worked alongside head nurse Sheila Hailey, who didn't conceal her dislike for him. Nearly 15 years later, back in Wales and in a rocky marriage, he receives a letter from a girl claiming to be his daughter. Returning to Moose Creek to get to the bottom of a mystery he cannot fathom to be true--though a DNA test proves it is--he's drawn into a sinister and suspenseful world. You'll need a blanket for this one--the author describes frozen Moose Creek and bleak Wales exquisitely.

Have a great summer!