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Most library services have returned, including in person Storytimes, study rooms at some locations, The Labs and toys and activities in children's areas.
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Download movies from the library website

Ever want to watch a movie but there is nothing good on TV and you don't feel like a trip to your local video rental store or library? Now you can download movies from the library's website right to your pc, laptop or supported portable device.

Children's movies, horror films, classics and documentaries, foreign films, feature movies ... and they're free and convenient and ready for you. No late fines either.

How many can you download at a time? The limit is 6 for all downloadable eMedia (audiobooks, eBooks and movies). 

You just need to download the Overdrive Media Console from the front page of our Digital Catalogue site (linked below). If you're already using the Overdrive Media Console to download audiobooks then you're all set - you don't need to download the console again. You can just log into the digital catalogue with your library card number and start discovering the videos you want to watch. Then you click to select your movies and your computer will do the rest.

Go to Downloadable Movies in the Digital Catalogue