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Slammerkin by Emma Donoghue

book jacket While waiting for my hold on Emma Donoghue's newest book Room, I decided to try one of her earlier novels. I had never read anything by her before. Slammerkin was an excellent read, in my opinion. A good word to describe it is 'gritty'. Set in London England during the 18th century,  the main character Mary Saunders is forced out of her home at the tender age of 11 after her mother discovers she is pregnant. Mary then turns to a life of prostitution in order to survive. Emma Donoghue does a fantastic job of painting the backdrop of what it was like to live in London during that time. It certainly makes me grateful to be a woman of the 21st century! If you like historical novels this would be a good choice, but as I said be prepared for a raw description of life during the 18th century. This tale was inspired by the life of the real Mary Saunders of Monmouth, England (currently Wales).