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Calling all Suspense fiction fans

Are you a fan of suspense or thriller fiction? We have a great e-newsletter that can cater to your thrilling tastes! This newsletter will come to you via email once a month and even allow you to place holds on any items of interest. It showcases the new titles LPL carries and includes themed thriller fiction with each issue. Click here for info about how to sign up to receieve it.  In the mean time why not give this title a try?

Ravens - George Dawes Greenbook jacket 

Psychological Suspense.  With a dead-end job in tech support, Shaw McBride is going nowhere fast, though he's currently headed to Florida with his long-time friend and flunky Romeo Zderko.  As they're passing through Georgia, they learn that a local family has just won a $318 Max-a-Million jackpot.  Putting the vacation on hold, Shaw holes up in a motel room to devise a plan to get half of the prize money. While cold-blooded Shaw effectively takes the family hostage, Romeo roams the streets, set to kill their loved ones at a moment's notice.  As time passes, the family's terror and confusion grows.  Their story will leave you tingling with dread.