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Stock Your Freezer

book coverIf you are like me, you've been burned by cookbooks before. You know the ones - the cover looks great, lots of hype, the pictures are glossy and delicious-looking, but after buying it you only end up liking one or two of the recipes. So, now I rarely buy a cookbook without first test-driving a library copy. My most recent test drive was fabulous, and not only will I buy a copy for myself, but I may gift a few copies too. The book is Cook and Freeze: 150 Delicious Dishes to Serve Now and Later. The food style is current with ingredients such as quinoa, sweet potato, & curry.  Instructions are clear and include what to do if you want to freeze part or all of your dish, how long thawing will take, and how to reheat the frozen meal. I have already made at least 4 of the recipes and there are a bunch more to go.