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Was Abraham jealous of Hagar?

God's command of Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, is a familiar story but his expulsion of his concubine, Hagar, and the son he had by her, Ishmael, is often ignored. In this provocative rereading of the Hagar story, author Gordon gives new power to a woman often left in the shadows. Focusing on Hagar's vision of God in the desert (Genesis 16:13), Gordon argues Hagar is a prophet and a mystic who names God El-Roi, or the God of my seeing. Because of her experience of God, she argues, Hagar's relationship with God is one that Abraham might envy, for God offered Hagar clear and direct guidance, while God offered Abraham no clarity about his future. And in her timely book, Gordon provides some glimpses of the power of Hagar's story for modern religions.

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