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2nd Annual Handmade Festival - registration begins Mar. 1st!

The Handmade Festival is a series of FREE workshops designed to share the art of craft with the local community.  All materials are provided and no particular skills are necessary.  For a listing of workshops and registration information, click here.

The Handmade Festival closes the workshop series with a show of local, independent arts and crafts.  This year's show will be held on Saturday, May 7th from 10 am - 4 pm at the Central Library, Hudson's Bay Passageway.  This show is open to all, be sure to check it out!

Photos from last year's Festival

The festival is run by The Handmade Collective in partnership with London Public Library and London Arts Council.  The Handmade Collective is a group of artists, mothers and handcrafters who want to teach the greater community to sustain themselves by using their hands with the aid of local artists and teachers.  For more information about the collective or the festival, visit 

For more information or to register for a workshop, click here or call 519-661-5122.  Registration begins Tuesday, Mar. 1st.

Love your hands!