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The Rise of the Citizen Journalist!

This year the Indie Fair is going to host a panel discussion on the rise of citizen journalism.  As technology becomes more accessible and more advanced, people are able to record voice, images and even film events as they happen.  We can broadcast information with a few clicks of a mouse or phone... times really are changing.  Will this lead to traditional media's demise?  How will they cope with the changes?  Are independent media outlets going to be seen as more credible or less?  Where will you look for information?  Who owns the story?

Check out the discussion on March 26th, 2:30 - 4 pm at the Wolf Hall in the Central Library.  Our discussion will be moderated by Paul Nesbitt-Larking and we will hear from Ashley Bushfield (CHRW), Thomas Cermak (LondonFuse), Kate Dubinski (London Free Press), Bob Smith (Rogers Television), and Anthony Verberckmoes (Iconoclast Media).

Additional sponsors include: Cinema Politica and 379 Collective.

You won't want to miss this!