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Creative Writing Tips from an Expert

If you are interested in advice and feedback on your own creative writing efforts, take advantage of a free program, Creative Writing Tips & Blue Pencil Editing by the Humber School for Writers, on Saturday, April 2, 2011, 10:30 am-12 noon at the Central Library in Stevenson & Hunt Room A.  Award-winning novelist Joan Barfoot will share her expertise on the craft of writing, followed by a 60 minute 'blue pencil' session.  Attendees are asked to bring the first page of a manuscript (one page only, with an email address included) of literary fiction or narrative non-fiction, such as biography or memoirs.  Because of time constraints, only 10 manuscripts can be assessed in these instantaneous 5 minute feedback sessions, but a further 10 may be critiqued later by email.  The choice of manuscripts for the critiques will be by lottery.

What a great opportunity for aspiring writers, and better yet - it's free!  All you need to do is register online or by calling 519-661-5122 in order to guarantee yourself one of the limited number of seats for this event.   S.L.