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You want me to EAT that!

Microgreens are the first green leaves of many herbs and vegetables. They have a stronger flavour than sprouts and they are grown in soil. Eric Franks' Microgreens " A guide to growing nutrient-packed greens and Fionna Hill's How to grow nature's own super food are two excellent guides on growing microgreens at home.  You will learn about the variety of microgreens you can grow (kale, beet, parsley to name a few) and their many health benefits.  From cultivation to cooking these handbooks provide all the information you need to become a true microgreen cultivationist.

To add some interesting macro plants to you home try borrowing Laurelynn Martin's Growing tasty tropical plants : in any home, anywhere. Growing tropical plants indoors can be done with little effort and next to no expense.  You can even use your own seeds from olives, oranges, lemons and limes. Even if they don't ever bear fruit these tropical plants create an eye catching and attractive decor.