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A Cup of Friendship

book jacketA Cup of Friendship by Deborah Rodriguez is my latest read. This is one that I found through subscribing to our Fiction e-newsletters. Do you know about those? If you're an avid reader give us a call and we can explain what they are all about or click here for some more information about them. At any rate I really liked this novel. It is set it Kabul, Afghanistan. The main character, an American woman named Sunny has found a home in this war-torn country. She runs a very popular coffee shop, with the help of several Afghans who quickly become like her family. If you like books like "The Kite Runner" or "A Thousand Splendid Suns" you would like this one. I found it to be a bit lighter in tone that Hosseini's novels but it was still a fulfilling story.
Here is a brief synopsis:
Running a Kabul coffee shop that is patronized by ex-pats, American Sunny reaches out to a growing circle of new friends including a pregnant rape victim, a wealthy woman who would help others, a journalist with a painful secret and a den mother who is engaged in a complicated affair.