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The Search for a Sister Earth

When you look up at the sky do you ever wonder if there is a planet like Earth somewhere else in our Galaxy or even in another galaxy? If there is how would we know?  How would we find it? How could we tell if it was habitable?  For answers to these and many other questions about this fascinating new frontier join Dr. Sasselov an astronomer who studies, among other things, extrasolar planets. Dr. Sasselov is also a co-investigator on NASA's Kepler mission with the goal to discover Earth-size planets that are potentially habitable. As Director of Harvard's Origins of Life Initiative he works with leading biologists, chemists and astronomers as they search for the origins of life here and on other planets. Join us for Dr. Sasselov's presentation The Search for a Sister Earth at the Wolf Peformance Hall.  While you are here check out Strange New Worlds " the search for alien planets and life beyond our solar system or The Universe and Beyond both of which are just a few titles in London Public Library's astronomy collection.