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What about a summer job?

Are you thinking about taking a summer job? Employers are already posting seasonal positions, and if you want to have several jobs to choose from, it's best you start looking sooner rather than later. But how can you track down and get the job you want? Here are a few hints that will help you with your search.

Your resume- Never underestimate the importance of a polished resume. Your potential employers get to know you by that piece paper, and first impressions are critical! A thoughtful, well-organized resume tells them that you are serious about your application, and it will stand out from the rest of the stack. Put yourself in the hiring manager's position: would you take a sloppy, unorganized mess over a clearly-written presentation of an applicant's skills? Of course not. There are many books in the library system on resume writing, and programs like Office have student templates built right in. The ERCs even have a program called WinWay Resume that basically writes your resume for you! If you would like help writing your resume, drop in to any of the ERCs and we can give you the tools to make a great first impression!

Cover letter- The dreaded cover letter. No one likes writing them, yet most employers want them. The cover letter is your chance to tell the employers why they should hire you and let your personality shine! Ugh. Once again, it's your library to the rescue! Not only does our Resume and Cover Letter link have library books with samples, but websites that will help you nail the cover letter and resume once and for all!

Searching for work- Most of the ERCs have job boards or books where recently posted jobs are kept. We make a point to print out student jobs , so make sure you check them when you drop in next time. The HRDC Job Bank also has a specific link for jobs aimed at students, like seasonal work.  Also, check out the Students and Youth area of our website! There are lots of awesome websites that will help you look for work as well as search for apprenticeships, internships and even starting your own business! It's really a one-stop-job-shop!

Never forget that the LPL Employment Resource Centres are here to help you out! Our facilitators want to help you get that job!

Update As of July 7, 2012  all Employment Resource Centres closed at London Public Library. We continue to help with information and tools to assist your search for work. Find out more.