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Fun with Tumblebooks

“Tumblebooks are the best! You’ve got to try them.” On any given day in the Children’s Library, you may overhear this enthusiastic recommendation by LPL staff, Donna. Donna loves Tumblebooks and she lists their many features to patrons while giving a quick demonstration on a library catalogue. “They are so much fun and so educational, too,” says Donna. Donna may be the Tumble Book Library’s most impassioned devotee.


If you are a parent with a young reader, then you would do well to heed Donna’s advice and take a look at some of the more than 200 titles available through this on-line resource. Your library card will provide unlimited access to animated story books like 50 Below Zero by Robert Munsch, early readers, non-fiction, chapter books like Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew, and classics like The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


You can find a link to Tumble Books by clicking on the “I Like to Read” section of the Kids Page. Tumble Books are a fun way for kids to build their vocabularies and practice their reading skills. Stories are read aloud by a narrator and, in order to encourage kids to follow along, sentences are highlighted as the narrator reads. There are three text sizes to choose from and a Word Helper to repeat a sentence or sound out a difficult word. More confident readers can enjoy titles without narration.


After reading a book, kids can take a Tumble Quiz, write a book report, or try a puzzle or game related to the book just read. The database can be searched by author, title, illustrator, publisher, subject or reading level.


One of the most outstanding features of this resource is that titles and, indeed the entire database, are available in English, Spanish, and French.


Take the Tumblepad Virtual Tour today . . . or come into the Children’s Library and enjoy a personalized tour with Donna.