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Women of the Short Story : Behind Your Ears, London

Do you enjoy a good short story?  Well then,  you won’t want to miss Women of the Short Story here at the Central Library on Monday, October 3rd at 7:00 pm.

Rebecca Rosenblum, Laura Boudreau, and Cathy Stonehouse are the authors of three of Biblioasis's short fiction collections for 2011. Rebecca Rosenblum's The Big Dream explores the untended inner lives of office workers at a magazine publishing company; Laura Boudreau's Suitable Precautions  focuses on human bonds, especially in times of bitterness or in moments of tension and derailment; and Cathy Stonehouse's Something About the Animal is suite primarily about memory, madness, and trauma.

On the surface it all sounds pretty grim. Rebecca's stories are about people who are broke, culturally maladjusted, emotionally out-of-control, or morally void. Laura's careen from the heights of celebration and success to the lowest points of psychological depravity within, it seems, seconds. And as for Cathy's book, well, it seems she leaves no form of crisis undissected: rape, war, abandonment, depression, post-traumatic stress. It's all there.

All three authors move effortlessly between pathos and comedy, without loss of gravity or human interest. It's incredibly engaging and sympathetic work.