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M. & Mme. Canada

Few Canadian couples, if any, have had as lasting an influence as Georges and Pauline Vanier. He was a decorated military officer before he became our first ambassador to France. Then he became the first French-Canadian governor general.  Meanwhile, she was a respected humanitarian, Privy Council member, and university chancellor. Georges and Pauline Vanier outlines their military life together, their work at the League of Nations and their influence in the inner circles of the British government. Not to mention their escape from Nazi-occupied France. Did we mention M. Vanier's pleas for Canada to accept refugees fleeing the Nazis? Author Mary Frances Coady reveals the Vaniers' religious convictions, their controversial standing among Quebecers and their advocacy of official bilingualism. Georges and Pauline Vanier is the definitive account of a married couple's amazing contributions.

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