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Highly Effective Networking

Highly effective networkingDo you agree that networking is the best and / or only way to find a job during difficult economic times such as a recession?  How important is it in today’s job search? Is it about what you know or who you know? Or it is simply how and who you network? How do you use a small network of people to reach insiders and hiring managers? How do you reach and talk to decision makers before the actual job opening is posted? Further still, how do you speak comfortably and productively with your contacts? What about making a project plan and organizing your networking strategy!?! Find out how to succesfully meet the right people and get a dream job. Answers to those questions with practical real world samples can be found in Highly effective networking written by Mr. Orville Pierson, Senior Vice President and Corporate Director of program design and service delivery for Lee Hecht Harrison, a leading career services company with 240 offices worldwide.