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ZigZag: one heroic bounder

The movie cannot be better than this. The most remarkable double agent of World War II, Eddie Chapman was witty, handsome, and charming. In short, he was ZigZag, one of Britain's most valuable agents. True, he was also a con man, womanizer, and safe-cracker; but no matter. To the German military intelligence, he was known as Fritzchen (Little Fritz), and believed to be one of their most valued spies.  For three years, Eddie played this double game to help the Allies. He was so charming, his German handler saw him as the son he never had. The Germans even awarded him the Iron Cross! They sent Chapman to Britain, on a mission to blow up the De Havilland aircraft factory, and how he convinced the Germans he had accomplished his mission is one of history s greatest acts of counterintelligence. Eddie's story had never been told, thwarted by the Official Secrets Act. Now, all the evidence has been released, paving the way for Nicholas Booth's enthralling account. A film is in the works with Tom Hanks producing.

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