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When She Woke

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Fans of dystopian fiction take note! The Handsmaid’s Tale meets The Scarlet Letter in Hillary Jordan's  When She Woke, a gripping tale of love, faith and self-discovery.  26 year old Hannah Payne awakes to find her skin dyed a vivid red - the punishment for committing murder in a world where criminals are not imprisoned, but colour-coded based on their crimes. It is a society where the line between church and state has been destroyed, and Hannah must learn to survive as a shunned woman in a hostile and dangerous world. As she makes her way north to safety, Hannah is forced to question her beliefs and values, and learns that the world is more complicated than her strict Christian upbringing has taught her.  A must-read for anyone who enjoys tales of alternate realities and not-so-distant futures.  Search for it here.