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#1 Interview Tip

Recently Jan Cottle of Etiquette London facilitated a workshop here at the library.  She’s a regular guest of ours, so if you missed her this time, keep your eyes peeled for her next session.  During her latest visit she discussed job interview etiquette.  She addressed a lot of points that you may have heard before (don’t be late, wait to be asked before you sit down, be aware of your body language, make eye contact), but she also suggested something that you might not normally consider.   According to Jan, confidence is the key to a successful interview.  If you remember one thing before you begin the interview, it should be that you deserve to be there.  You’ve been invited to the interview. Your resume has done its job and the hiring team wants to meet you.  You, specifically.  There hasn’t been an accident or an oversight.  They want to see how you’ll fit in and determine if you can do the job.  If you think you can do the job, chances are they’ll believe you.