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A Business Visionary

Steve Jobs was undoubtedly a legend in his own time. As a long time friendly business associate and business rival with Bill Gates the two men reached an iconic status that placed them in a league of their own. They changed the way the world communicates and the way the world does business. The loss of Steve Jobs was felt world wide.  One of many tributes to Jobs is 19 year old Hong Kong designer Jonatha Mak Long's recrafting of the iconic Apple Logo. There is much to be learned from both of these men and if you are planning on starting a business, building up your own business or just looking to be inspired about your own potential check out these great books.  Both The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a new generation or Steve Jobs: A biography will fill you with ideas, inspiration and motivation.  If your business or business plans have floundered you are in good company, so did Jobs original reign of the Apple Corporation. Gain some insight and support from reading iCon: Steve Jobs, the greatest second act in the history of business. Even just for your personal reading pleasure these books are inspiring and heartfelt as you follow the story of a true visionary who would not be kept down.