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My Favourite Kinsella so far!


I've been eagerly anticipating Sophie Kinsella's newest book, I've Got Your Number. Once I had it in my hot little hands, I had to stop and savour the cover and have a quick peek at the last page number - just to see how many there were to enjoy. (433) Then, ensure that I had nowhere to be or anything that needed doing right away - and only then begin, because I just knew I wouldn't want to put it down. (I was right!)

Poppy Wyatt is celebrating her upcoming wedding at a champagne tea with girlfriends at a hotel. Everyone has been oohing and ahhing over her engagement ring - a family heirloom of her fiance. A fire alarm drill sends everyone running and afterwards - no one can find the ring. After much frantic searching, she steps outside to see if she can get cell phone reception to pick up her messages - and is promptly robbed of her phone by someone on a bicycle. She needs that phone! When she spies a cell phone in a garbage bin...well... finders keepers, right?

And here the fun begins. When the phone rings, Poppy answers it without checking the screen. Hmm, apparently the phone belonged to Violet - personal assistant to Sam Roxton of White Globe Consulting. Sam desperately needs Violet to stop a client, Mr Yamasaki, from leaving the hotel. And since Violet seems to have quit her job, Sam implores Poppy to keep Mr Yamasaki occupied until Sam's elevator reaches the main floor. Honestly, I was laughing out loud at the antics Poppy employs.

Poppy somehow gets Sam to agree to 'share' the phone with her. You can see it coming can't you? Missed messages, mixed messages and more...

I have to say that although I have enjoyed each and every one of Sophie Kinsella's previous chick lit books, I think this is my favourite. (so far!) Poppy is a wonderfully engaging character. She's absolutely the kind of friend you'd love to have. Warm, caring, smart (but she doesn't think so) yet ditzy at the same time. The more she tries to make things 'right', the more wrong they end up. And of course the love story. Will Sophie marry Magnus or.... And yes, even though you can predict the outcome, the journey there is so enjoyable. A light hearted, comical romp of a read that will have you laughing out loud and rooting for Poppy to find true love.

Kinsella has used different 'hooks' in her past books, such as emails scattered throughout. This time it is footnotes Poppy injects in her story; they're a fun addition to the book.

Yes, it was a five star read for me - nobody does chick lit better than Kinsella. I can so see this one being made into a movie. Also available as an audio book on compact disc.