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Healer or Murderer?

Book Cover ImageOnce renowned for their abilities to cure the sick and wounded, the healers of the Fifteen Realms now stand accused of spreading, and perhaps even causing, the plague that has decimated the population. The governments have fallen and the Realms stand on the brink of anarchy. Avry of Kazan has been in hiding for three years, always staying ahead of those who would kill her, for she is a healer - perhaps the last one in all of the realms. Caught, and ready to be executed, Avry finds herself rescued by an unlikely crew whose singular focus is to have Avry heal their leader of the plague - something Avry knows will cost her her life. Fans of Maria V. Snyder's Study and Glass series will enjoy the new world that she has created in Touch of Power, the first book in her new Healer series.