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The science of memory?

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In the near future, only days before a secret military operation, the US president is nearly assassinated, and is rushed to a nearby hospital.  Meanwhile, in the same hosptial, Dr. Singh attempting an experimental procedure to treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome), by triggering the memories.

Then a bomb goes off at the White House, triggering an electromagnetic pulse that scrambled and amplifies Dr. Singh's equipment.  The result is an apparent ability for some of the people--staff, patients, visitors--to access the memories of another person who was in the hospital at the same time. 

And now someone has access to the President's memories.

Robert J Sawyer, a Canadian science fiction author,  has created another fabulous near future story, this one tackling the ethics and consquences of what would happen if people had access to another person's memories.

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