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Do not commit suicide with food

Everybody has a right to live 95 years or more in perfect health. By average people suffer for the last 10 years of their life. More medical care is not the answer, says Dr. Joel Fuhrman and adds: protect yourself with super immunity. Food equals health so do not commit suicide with food. Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a board-certified family physician and leading expert  in prevention and reversing disease through nutrition.

Super Immunity: the essential nutrition guide for boosting your body's defenses to live longer, stronger and disease free is a very well researched guide to the best nutrition for everyone.  Did you know that pomegranates inhibit many cancers, lower blood pressure,  and reverse atherosclerosis? What is the simple cancer prevention solution?  Why mushrooms are life-saving superfoods? Why nuts and seeds fats and protein are better than animal? You will find there not only the explanation of how the immune system works and its relationship to food but also two week menus and tasty recipes.

Check out  Dr.Fuhrman's other book  Eat to Live: the amazing nutrient rich program for fast and sustained weight loss, a New York Times bestseller and ask staff for more resources which our collection offers for this topic.