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The Age of Miracles

book cover image
If you are interested in science fiction, dystopian novels, love stories, tales of the apocalypse, coming of age stories, or all of the above, then The Age of Miracles is the novel for you!

Karen Thompson Walker’s debut novel is a story of one girl’s transition from childhood to adulthood in the wake of a global disaster. One morning, Julia and her family wake to find that the earth has begun to slow its rotation. “The slowing” causes planetary chaos. Days and nights grow by minutes, then hours. Gravity begins to change and animals start to exhibit bizarre behaviour. The population becomes divided between those who obey "clock time" and those who allow "real time" to govern their lives. In the midst of all of this, Julia is faced with the familiar trials and tribulations that anyone who was ever a teenager can relate to: her first love, struggling to fit in at school, losing old friends and gaining new ones. As Julia grows and matures, the world is thrown into increasing panic, and Julia's personal crises are framed by worldwide catastrophes and global crisis.  Karen Thompson Walker uses beautiful descriptive prose to allow the reader to visualize the events and be a part of the action.

A must read for this summer!