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Do you know your dream language?

book cover imageEach of us has at least four dreams per night.  There could be premonitional dreams, out of body experiences, spiritual guides, or nightmares...How to remember them? Write them down just upon awakening and then find the interpretation in our new book by Briceida Ryan "The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language".  That will allow you to communicate with your spirit,  says the author. 

 I hope you will have a lot of dreams about books since they are good luck symbols. Even a black book. If the book happens to be yellow, like those on our 2nd floor of the Central Library display, "you will be very victorious in anything you are about to involve yourself". So, as you expect, a dream about a library is lucky, too. It gives you a green light to "go ahead with planned concepts that seem overwhelming". But wait, this is not the end. A library card dream is "an extremely lucky omen. Anything you felt was impossible is now a possibility within the next seven days". Yes. Even those fines. Not a problem!