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What is Media Literacy?

Media literacy is a repertoire of competencies that enable people, including even young children, to analyze, evaluate, and create messages in a wide variety of media modes.  In North America, the beginnings of a formalized approach to media literacy as a topic of education is often attributed to the 1978 formation of the Ontario-based Association for Media Literacy. Before that time, instruction in media education was usually the purview of individual teachers and practitioners. Media literacy education can help students interpret, understand and address issues in their lives such as media violence, gender and racial stereotyping, cyber bullying and internet predators. 

Media smarts - Canada's Centre for Digital and Media Literacy can help you, your family and your child's teachers contribute to building the knowledge and competencies for your kids to be media smart.  The building of media smarts may help protect your children and teens by teaching them to ask questions about what they watch, hear and read and by helping them make good choices in their media consumption habits. To celebrate Media Literacy Week (Nov 5-9) the library will hold a National Film Board Festival.  Look on LPL's homepage for your opportunity to vote on which NFB film you would like to see and then come on down to the Wolf Performance Hall to see the winners!  All are welcome and it's free.