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Bloody Justice

Book CoverThe most sensational murder trial in Canada happened in London and it focused on a biker gang called The Bandidos. Anita Arvast spent a year in our city following the trial and on Thursday November 8th, she is returning to tell her story.

While hailed as a "biker book", Bloody Justice: The Truth Behind the Bandido Massacre at Shedden, is really an examination of the Canadian Justice system gone wrong. There are currently no other books released on the murders and trial and Arvast's approach is unique in that she asks whether justice was actually done. Can a man who did not know about any murders but was forced to help "clean up" or be killed himself be guilty of anything other than accessory after the fact?

In her study of the largest mass murder trials in Canada's history, Arvast reveals in her book that at least one man has gone to prison for murders he did not commit and did not even know were happening. She reveals that the Bandido Massacre that happened near London in 2006 was quite far from being a story of bikers killing bikers. Anita Arvast is reaching out wherever possible to meet with readers and discuss her book. She will be reading and answering questions at the Central Library at 7 pm. Please join us for this free event.