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New Polish books not only in Polish

 Good news for all of you who speak Polish. We have just received some new books. You will find among them novels of popular authors like Malgorzata Kalicinska, Inga Iwasiow,  Olga Tokarczuk or Jacek Dehnel. There are some interesting awarded biographies: "Czlowiek Miron" by Tadeusz Sobolewski, and "Broniewski: milosc, wodka, polityka" by Mariusz Urbanek. We got long awaited "Dzieci Ireny Sendlerowej" by Anna Mieszkowska, a biography of Irena Sendler who rescued 2500 Jewish children during German occupation of Poland. For the English speakers interested in this true story there is a film based on this book: The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler. Anna Bikont is the author of a new biography of Wislawa Szymborska, a Nobel Prize winner, called: Pamiątkowe rupiecie. Szymborska poems were translated into English and some collections like: View with a grain of sand or People on a bridge are available in our library. Reporter Jacek Hugo Bader,  specializes in features on the former USRR. He wrote about Central Asia, China, Mongolia and Tibet after travelling through them on his bike.  His newest book is a fascinating record of travelling along the Kolyma Highway, a distance of 2025 kilometres - Dzienniki kolymskie. For English speakers there is a new translation of Biala goraczka, his previous book: White Feaver: a Journey to the Frozen Heart of Siberia, which Financial Time called "'A funny, enlightening and thoroughly engaging piece of reportage". Biala Maria by Hanna Krall tells a story of a Jewish girl who survived Holocaust.Our collection has also a book by Hanna Krall in English: The woman from Hamburg and other true stories -twelve tales of World War II survivors. Castorp is a new novel by Pawel Huelle, author of Ostatnia wieczerza. Samples of his writing in translation are provided by a collection of short stories called: "Moving House". Polish books can be found in Crouch and Central Library. Come and browse or check the catalogue to see them all.

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