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Christmas Cooking

One of my all time favourite Christmas cookbooks is Southern Living Magazine's Cooking for Christmas: favourite holiday recipes to share with family and friends. The selections allow you to choose menus that will entice your guests but also free you from being tied up in the kitchen. The recipes cover everything from casual family meals to party fare. It is also neatly organized for quick reference to appetizers, entrees and desserts.

Another indispensible choice for holiday food planning is Nomi Shannon and Sheryl Duruz's Raw Food Celebrations: party menus for every occasion and this book will ensure your raw foodist guests have a nice selection of choices but plan extra for the non-raw foodists won't be able to resist them.  As you plan your meals, keep in mind a major culinary and entertaining secret: provide a combination of colour and textures and a mix of hot and cold foods. 

For more Christmas recipe and entertaining books, find a quick link to these and other Christmas and Hanukkah books, movies and music on our "For the Holidays" page.

What are your favourite holiday cookbooks?