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Love Your Library!

We usually associate the month of February with romance, but did you know that February also is "Library Lovers" month? According to some sources, the library dates back to 1200 BC - that's 3,213 years and still going strong! Here at London Public Library, we are feeling the love from our community! Londoners love the library - and we've got the numbers to prove it! In 2011, there were 3.2 million in-person visits to the library, 4.25 million items borrowed and 4.5 million visitors to our website! And what's not to love? We've got books and e-books to cater to every reading taste, databases and electronic resources to help you learn and research, and programs to help enrich your life!
Interested in learning more about how the library came to exist? Click here for a list of books about libraries - check one out today and learn more about the long standing tradition of the library! We also have lots of picture books about the library, so you can get your kids hooked on libraries early! Click here for titles!
Be a library lover - take some time this month to visit your local library and show us how much you care!