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The longest overdue book ever at LPL

Recently, the New York Public Library had a book returned that was 55 years overdue which prompted one of our patrons to ask, "What's the longest overdue book ever returned to London Public Library?"

It was "The Youngest Venus, or The Love Story of a Plain Girl" by Berta Ruck, borrowed in 1932 and returned to us 51 years later during a fine amnesty week in 1983. The London Free Press said, in the article "Book returned after 51 years" by Don Murray (published September 15, 1983), that it may have been a pretty racy book in its time. The book was dedicated "to any girl who imagines herself to be hopelessly unattractive".

And, although it wasn't charged because it was fine amnesty week, the maximum overdue fine for any book taken out in 1932 was 25 cents.