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Heal yourself in your leisure time

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Everybody knows that yoga is a good exercise and it affects body mind and spirit. But why is that and what exactly is happening in the body during the exercise? This is the fascinating part. Did you know that various postures increase pressure around certain glands to stimulate them? So, for example lying on one’s back and raising legs at certain angles affects different endocrine glands. Raising legs 12 to 24 inches will stimulate liver, spleen, gall bladder and pancreas and improve their performance, raising legs 2-3 feet will optimize function of heart, lungs and stomach and 4 feet to 90 degrees- will have a positive effect on thyroid, parathyroid and pineal. That can be even increased with specific breathing techniques.

Yoga science, yoga medicine was Dr. Dharma, an American board certified anesthesiologist, such a passion that he become a yogi, worked on his version of medical meditations and started to prescribe them to his patients. What are medical meditations, how to use them  as well as very interesting patients stories and detailed description of the body mind connections, the pathways through which the mind and emotions affect physiology, you will find in Dr. Dharma book: Meditation as Medicine.