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Take care of your internal co-habitants

book cover imagebook cover imageBody ecology, our internal ecosystem, friendly and unfriendly microbial organisms that outnumber our cells more than ten times should stay in balance to keep us young and healthy.



Unfortunately it is easy to upset this harmony with stress, water and air pollutants, medications and bad diet.  Body ecology diet focuses on the health of a digestive track and especially colon. The colon is not only used for waste elimination. Its most important function is in sending water and nutrients from food into body. How can it be done when its walls are blocked? What are the benefits of healthy colon?

In short: greatly slowed aging process. Did you know that grey hair is the result of improper protein and mineral absorption? Donna Gates, a nutritional consultant with years of experience in helping people overcome immune-system disorders, created her own Body Ecology system of health. Body Ecology Diet and Baby Boomer Diet explain it and guide the reader step by step. Additionally to that Body Ecology Diet provides recipes, menu suggestions and Diet shopping list.