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London's Very Own World Skating Champions

book cover image of tessa and scott: our journey from childhood dream to Olympic gold

They are back in London!

Tessa Virtue, 15, from London and Scott Moir, 17, from Ilderton, placed fourth in the Canadian Figure Skating Championships, sponsored by Skate Canada, held at the John Labatt Centre in London from January 17 to 23, 2005.  They had won their first junior Canadian ice dance championship in 2004.  On March 10, 2006, Scott and Tessa became the first Canadians to win the world junior ice dance championship in Ljubljaba, Slovenia.  Four years later on February 22, 2010, Scott, 22, and Tessa, 20, earned Canada's first gold medal in the history of the Winter Olympics in ice dancing.  They were also the youngest pair to win the medal.

Welcome back Tessa and Scott. Best wishes to you and all the skaters competing in London this week!