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Invitations to World Religions

Book COver ImageRegardless of religious affiliation, the eyes of the world were watching, with avid interest to see who would emerge as the 266th Pope to the Roman Catholic faithful. This just goes to show that religious beliefs and values, whatever they may be, for many of us, continue to play a powerful role in shaping the world we live in, and in how we understand ourselves and others. The book, Invitation to World Religions, is an interesting, easy to read compilation, that delves into the - “Teachings,” “Way of Life,” and “History”  - of the world’s great religions: Indigenous Religions of North America; Indigenous Religions of Africa; Hinduism, Buddhism; Jainism; Sikhism; Chinese Religions; Shinto; Judaism; Christianity; Islam; and New Religious Movements.

Enriched with vivid photographs and colourful illustrations, the aim of this text, is to enable readers to gain an objective understanding of the beliefs and practices associated with the world’s religions, while fostering an appreciation of what these beliefs and actions actually mean to the relevant believers.

“In these pages, we invite the reader to explore with wonder and respect” - Text

~ Lana