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R.B. by P.B.

book cover image In Search of R.B. Bennett

He wasn't our most popular Prime Minister.  To make matters worse, R.B. Bennett (1870-1947) destroyed his correspondence every seven years, enough to turn off any biographer. Yet, noted Canadian historian P.B. Waite shows Bennett's lasting contributions to Canada are beyond doubt. He describes Bennett's bold initiatives, including his attempt to introduce unemployment insurance and a minimum wage, as well as his founding of the Bank of Canada and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation -- achieved in the teeth of opposition from banking and media magnates. Waite also contemplates Bennett's friendships, his relationships, and his lifelong bachelorhood, shedding new light on his life and personality. With warmth, wit, and a deep knowledge of its subject, In Search of R.B. Bennett brings Bennett the man -- warts and all -- before the reader.

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