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Finding dahshaa

Find dahshaa book cover image

Just as dahshaa - a rare type of dried, rotted spruce wood - is essential to the Dene moosehide-tanning process, self-determination and the alleviation of social suffering are necessary to Indigenous survival in the Northwest Territories.  Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox's new book Finding dahshaa : self government, social suffering and, Aboriginal policy in Canada shows where self-government negotiations between Canada and the Dehcho, Deline, Inuvialuit, and Gwich'in peoples have gone wrong. She offers an alternative model for negotiations through descriptions of tanning practices that embody the principles and values of self-determination.  "One of the most deeply thought, thoroughly experienced, and honest reflections on Indigenous politics written to date." - Taiaiake Alfred, author of Wasase : Indigenous Pathways of Action and Freedom.