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David's Inferno...

Book Cover Image

Have you ever been depressed? Really, really depressed? Luckily, for many of us, this is not our reality. The thing about depression is that it is so much more than being sad or feeling grief. Depression is a medical condition just like diabetes or even heart disease, and day-after-day depression affects your thoughts, feelings, physical health and behaviours.

In his book David’s Inferno: My Journey through the Dark Wood of Depression, we meet author David Blistein, one such person living with major depressive disorder. In recounting his journey - through a 2 year nervous breakdown – he gives us valuable insight on how manic-depression manifests, as well as how it is diagnosed and treated. It is not a prescriptive work, but rather, allows the reader through humor, honesty and compassion, to learn from his personal struggle.

To learn more about depression, and read about persons who like David, are willing to share their stories with others, check out these titles at your Library!

~ Lana