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Healing Energy Body - meet the London author

“Health is the free and balanced flow of chi. If the flow is disrupted, it can decrease the functioning of organs and tissues of the physical body, causing illness. Overall, the body is able to heal itself, so any assistance helping the flow of energy allows the body to help itself. There is not only a physical link from the energy body to health, but also an emotional, mental and spiritual link. Negative thoughts and feelings can also disrupt the flow of chi and will eventually manifest as an illness in the physical body if not released.” says Wanda Davis in the new book she co-authored with  international naturopaths, chiropractors, wellness consultants and empowerment coaches. Come to meet Wanda Davis and listen to the talk Healing Your Energy Body on Wednesday, June 5 at 7 pm in the Stevenson & Hunt room A in the Central Library.