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Londoners of the Past: Mr. Justice John Wilson

My Justic John Wilson

An early pioneer lawyer, judge and politician of London, Ontario, John Wilson was born in Scotland, February 5, 1807, coming first to Perth, Ontario with his family about 1823. In his youth he fought a duel, killing a fellow law student but was acquitted on the charge of murder. After being called to the bar in 1835 he joined a law practice at Niagara and later set up his own practice in London. A reputedly active, robust and popular man who spoke his mind, he served in the militia in 1838, was Warden for the London District from 1842 to 1844 and became Solicitor for the City of London. He was later elected to the Provincial Legislature and achieved Queen's Counsel in 1856. By 1863 he became a Judge in the Court of Common Pleas. Although he moved to Toronto, he kept his home in Westminster Township and died there on June 3, 1869.