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Eat plants, eat plants, eat plants...

Do you want to prevent cancer, heart attacks, strokes and diabetes, have strong bones, lose weight and… have great sex life? Eat plants- says Rip Esselstyn, author of a new book My Beef with Meat. The Healthiest Argument for Eating  a Plant Strong Diet – Plus 140 New Engine 2. One more “perfect” diet ? Well, yes and no. Yes, since he is using the word “diet” but in its original old meaning as a “ way of living”. No, it is not one more new short term nutritional ordeal promising you miracles.

book cover image

The first half of the book, in brief chapters, delivers all nutritional information answering the most common questions: where are my proteins are from, how do I make sure I have enough Vitamin B12, iron, calcium, debunking myths: humans are carnivores, Mediterranean diet is one of the best, Paleo diet is the one humans should follow and warning about dangers of contamination in meat and fish oil and more. The second half presents delicious recipes along with beautiful photographs. So, what would you say about Armadillo Sweet potatoes? You need just sweet potatoes, garlic and some herbs like oregano, rosemary, thyme etc. Very simple recipe for baked potatoes. I would like to try Split Figs with Cashew Cream and Carmelized Onion.

Rip Esselstyn is a former firefighter and the author of The Engine 2 Diet. You will find a dvd in our collection called: The Engine 2 kitchen rescue, in which Rip is guiding families step by step into a new way of eating whole food, plant based diet. Rip

For more information, daily meal plans with grocery lists, blog, videos etc. check Rip’s website: