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Give Good "Netiquette"!

book cover imageEmily Post has long been known as the first lady of etiquette. From which fork to use, to how to address the Prime Minister, Ms. Post is the go-to for advice about manners. But how has technology influenced what is considered "proper"? With Facebook, Twitter and other social media gaining popularity in leaps and bounds, the old rules of etiquette have changed. So what makes a good (or bad) online comment? How can we keep our work worlds and personal lives separate? What is the best way to share photos on social media? These questions and many more are answered in "Emily Post's Manners in a Digital World: Living Well Online." Written by Emily's great-great-grandson Daniel Post Senning, this book is a guide to the ins and outs of life on the Internet. As anyone who has ever accidentally "replied all" can tell you, there are definite rules about how to act online, and this book covers everything from digital safety to online dating.
If you are interested in what makes for good "netiquette," you won't want to miss this book!